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In my art class my teacher decided to assign us an extremely small project (which was making logos) and make us present them. 

Followed by him saying “Public speaking is a very important life skill.”

Which was then followed by my reaction:

Then of course with the obvious reply

I really hate presenting things.”

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Eragon- Little Lion Man

Yes, if you go through my channel I have several Eragon videos.

It’s probably my favorite movie even though it was nothing like the books.

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I usually relate most songs to a therian and their kintype.

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*Today in History class during our Industrial Revolution Activity we had to reenact working in a factory,*
Classmate: “Can you turn the lights on and the air- ‘Cause it’s really hot in here.”

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When none of your friends show up to school and you sit there at lunch while people watch you like:

Even the teachers stare at you in a judging way as if you have no friends.

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So I made a thing. Recently has started the show because I’m the last person to know about things.

I’ll probably get some transfer paper and put it on a t-shirt since there’s literally.. No shirts of the show. At least not that I’m aware of.

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One of my teachers always complains to me about me being late, (Even though her class is waaaaaay across the campus) and tells me to get here faster by running and I just:

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The struggle is real.

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Another Hannibal video I made. Which is based on the shipping of Will Graham and Matthew Brown.

It could be better, but maybe another time I’ll try to fix something better up.